Billy Kirkland, The Boss

Born & Raised - Cairo, Georgia

1st Day of Work -

"This isn’t really work, I love what I have been doing for the past 23 years here in Florida."

Job Position -

"I can do every job position in all of my businesses, including running the tractor, delivering rental bikes, setting up beach umbrellas and repacking bike bearings."

Previous Job Portfolio -

"Picking cotton and okra, harvesting peanuts and pecans. Running a bulldozier to clear jungle in Vietnam (US Army). Lifeguard and sailboat instructor in Panama City Beach.

Jet ski, beach chair, and sailboat rentals on Fort Myers Beach, the beginning of my Professional Beach Bum status. Moved to Sanibel to rent beach chairs, bicycles and sailboats at various resorts including Sundial, Tween Waters , Sanibel Inn, Casa Ybel, and West Wind Inn. Opened Billy’s Rentals on Periwinkle Way in 1999 and opened Billy’s Bike Shop and Segway Dealership in 2005."

Pets, Children, Spouse -

In same order…

  • Kubbie - Weimaraner
  • Fuji - Weimaraner
  • Vanessa - Daughter
  • Salli - Wife & Partner

Hobbies & Free-Time Activities -

  • Fishing
  • Chasing My Dogs on a Segway
  • Playing Poker for Fun
  • Helping Others in Our Great Community Here on Sanibel

Why You Enjoy Working at Billy’s -

"I really enjoy what I do every day, especially talking to customers as they return each season. I like the challenges we face when we are really busy and the challenge to keep my employees busy when we have slow times. I have a really great team that doesn’t seem to mind whatever I ask them to do. We work along side each other and we are all willing to do what it takes to create happy experiences for all of our customers. Whether it’s renting bikes, selling bikes, repairing bikes or just talking about biking, I think we all can agree we have great jobs…I doubt I will ever retire! My wife even gives me a paycheck sometimes!"

What Kind of Bike You Ride -

  • Segway I2
  • Segway X2 Police Model with Siren (the dogs love it!)
  • Fuji Crosstown 2.0 (if I must pedal!)