Ryan Schuetz

Born & Raised -

"I was born in Sioux City Iowa. Being from a close family I enjoyed spending time with my grandparents and other relatives when they would come to town. Summer time was always the greatest, cousins would come up for weeks maybe even a month we would go riding bikes and hanging out at grandmas house. Every other year we have a family reunion in the summer, and we get great turnouts."

"When I turned 12 my parents and 2 brothers, 1 sister moved out of Sioux city (and away from grandma and grandpa) to a little hobby farm in Minnesota right out side the Hutchinson area about an hour from the twin cities. Luckily for me I had a couple cousins there to keep me entertained. Winters Lasted MUCH longer in MinneSNOWta so we had to resort to ice fishing and lots of sledding."

1st Day of Work -

"Billy Is great! He took me around town to show me where things were. It was just a good time to get to know what every thing is about here."

Job Position -

Segway Technician, Computer Technician, King of Glide

Previous Job Portfolio -

"Technician for www.LLAMMA.com - repairing and customizing game consoles like Play station, XBOX, XBOX360. Had a great time there and I was able to let my creativity flow when working on a custom project."

Pets, Children, Spouse -

One pet: Zoey, the Infamous. No chiltens, No Spouse.

Hobbies & Free-Time Activities -

Attempting to train Zoey. Going to the beach. Hopefully more Kayaking (hint hint Sara & Dan). Making up new words.

Why You Enjoy Working at Billy’s -

"Working with all the great people that make things run. Also where else can you ride segways all day long and meet new people."

What Kind of Bike You Ride -

GT Force 3.0, and sometimes a "Billy's Rentals" bike.