Salli Kirkland, The Boss of the Boss

Born & Raised - Sioux City, Iowa

1st Day of Work -

"Left my career in restaurant industry in 1994, and I have been 'building the empire' with Billy ever since."

Job Position -

"I like to work with the staff at Billy’s Bike Shop, but I also get to do the “stuff that makes a business run”. Not as much fun being in the office…but I make sure the paychecks keep coming to all the staff, so mostly they all like me."

Previous Job Portfolio -

"Restaurant Manager, Party Planner, moved to Sanibel and worked for Mariner Group opening the University Club, met Billy and traded in my suit and pantyhose to help build the beach service operations. Got a great tan and started riding a bike…best move I ever made!"

Pets, Children, Spouse -

  • Kubbie - Weimaraner, Boy, 7 Years Old
  • Fuji - Weimaranerl, Girl, 3 Years Old
  • Vanessa - Daughter, Married, (but still hangs out with us!)
  • Billy - Husband & Best Friend

Hobbies & Free-Time Activities -

  • Biking with Fundraising Team in Training for Leukemia
  • Fishing with Billy, (if you can get him to take a day off!)
  • Baking
  • Entertaining

Why You Enjoy Working at Billy’s -

"The team we have is so unique. Each person has their own special talents and when we put them all together we have fun and accomplish quite a bit. It’s really just one big family. We all like dogs and bikes and Sanibel so we never run out of things to talk about or projects to work on. The Segway part of the Bike Shop makes everything cool and fun to teach our customers about. The tours bring in new customers to the store which is always fun. (A steady stream of people to pet the dogs, they love it too.)"

What Kind of Bike You Ride -

  • Fuji Team Pro Carbon (as quick as they come!)
  • Jamis Commuter 3. Great for the bike paths and cruising around the island.