comfort cruiser pedals

There are different pedals for different uses. Basic pedals, like you may use on any basic bicycle, such as a comfort cruiser, are often plastic and rubber in construction. Often they have a large surface smooth surface with a rubber grip. Different bikes have different size pedals, depending on the crank arm. The two common sizes are 9/16" and 1/2".


Crank Bros 5050

There are a variety of platform pedals. From smooth the extra grip, you are sure to find something that will work for you at our shop.


pedal and platforms

As you start to get more serious about your cycling, your expectations for your pedals may start to change. A common step in cycling is to start using the platform and cage system. The cage allows you to get more out of your pedaling and feel "more attached" to your bike.


Shimano SPD -SL Clipless Pedal

Regular cyclists may choose to save weight and maximize energy by using clipless pedals. Contrary to the name, this style of pedals you to "lock" in and "twist" out to release your shoe from the pedal. There are many brands, styles, and options with clipless pedals.