Performance Road

Performance oriented road bicycles are the right choice when speed counts!

With their lightweight alloy and/or carbon frames and components, road bicycles will help you achieve your riding goal. Whether those goals are racing or just riding for fun and fitness!

The road bikes’ narrow tires and wheels are lighter in weight, and offer faster acceleration than bicycles with wider tires. Their light weight also makes the bicycle climb easier and with less effort (something to keep in mind when you’re going up the bridge!).

Road bikes are equipped with drop handlebars for several reasons, offering:

  • More Hand Positions for Longer Rides
  • Less Wind Resistance with the Lower Riding Position
  • Better Biomechanical Riding Position for Maximum Efficiency.

While not for everyone, performance road bicycles do offer several advantages for those wanting to ride farther and faster!

Billy’s Bike Shop can supply road bikes to satisfy anyone’s need for speed, and budget!
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