Yepp Child Seats

Yepp Maxi

Van Der Veer Designers designed the Yepp Maxi, A rear mounted childrens bicycle seat.
The Yepp Maxi can accomodate children upto 48 Pounds. (or approximately 6 years old.)

The Design of the Yepp Maxi is made from EVA (best known for its use in CROCS© shoes), A light weight material that is comfortable and shock abosorbing.
The soft foam is also completely non-absorbent.

You can fasten the Yepp Maxi into place or remove it with a easy turn of a the key.

Yepp Mini childrens bicycle seat

The Yepp mini has the same high quality features as the Yepp Maxi rear mounted child seat.

The Yepp Mini easily clicks onto the handlebars so that you can keep an eye on your child at all times.

The footrest tubes transition seamlessly into the removable handlebars, which can be fitted with a cushioned headrest for children that fall asleep.
The footrests are also easily adjusted without the need for tools!