Get Your Bicycle into Top Riding Shape

Billy's Bike Shop can do that & keep it in top shape, too! Our team of service experts has years of bicycle service experience. Billy's has the tools and equipment needed to make it happen.

Billy’s Offers:

Billy's Bike Shop
Billy's Bike Shop
  • Excellent Selection of Tires & Tubes
  • Wide Array of Components & Small Parts
  • 24 Hour Turnaround - That's What We Strive For
  • Repair of Flats While You Wait!

At Billy’s Bike Shop, we’ll do our best to keep you cruising the island! Let Billy’s take care of what ever’s slowing you down, or (worse yet!) keeping you off the bike path!

Here’s a Sampling:

  • Brake Adjustment…$15+
  • Derailleur Adjustment…$15+
  • Flat Tire Repair…$10+
  • Wheel Trueing…$20+

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looking for rentals?

If you are looking for Billy's Rentals - Check out the rentals site!  Or call 239-472-5248

Billy's Rentals offers Single speed, multi speed, kids bikes, beach equipment, scooters,  and so much more!